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The word Ashtanga means "eight limbs" in Sanskrit.  The eight  "limbs" or tool used to find the true self the "Universal Self". These limbs can take very long to learn and must be respected as a whole of the Ashtanga practice.​
                                 Ashtanga Yoga Guru Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois  began his studies with Krishnamacharaya in 1927 at the age of 12 in Mysore, South India. By 1948 he had established an institute for teaching the specific yoga known as Ashtanga Yoga. 

This method of yoga is the same system that has been kept  alive for thousands of years as it passes from one generation to the next. All yogis are a part of this living tradition which connects us to an ancient lineage.There are some elements of Ashtanga yoga that exist within an unseen world. Without these elements the yoga can become nothing more then an outward expression of physical movement. When these internal tools are brought to the practice there is a deeper understanding of yoga that happens within us.​ These tools are know as : 
"Ujjayi breathing"   "Bandhas"    "Vinyasa" "Drishti"                                                                      
Ashtanga Yoga
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